Jaén University joins the Calar Alto Academy program


December 19th 2019

On December 10th, 2019, a group from Jaén University could benefit from a clear (and long) night of observation with the Calar Alto 1.23-m telescope, in the framework of the education program “Calar Alto Academy” offered by the observatory since 2007.

The team, composed of the Superior Polytechnic School professors Josep Martí Ribas and Pedro Luis Luque Escamilla, and the geomatics engineering students Álvaro Palao Martínez and Laís Paulo Lima, could observe various objects with the DLR professional camera mounted at the Cassegrain focus of the 1,23 m: from nearby objects in the Solar System (asteroids and comets) to distant galaxies, like the famous Whirlpool Galaxy, observed in three filters to obtain this original color composition.

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Almeria is breaking boundaries with Calar Alto Astrophotography


April 23rd 2019

Calar Alto Fourth International Astrophotography, Timelapse and Astronomical Drawing Contest has released its winners. This edition, the contest has consolidated its international character thanks to works coming from France, Australia, United States, Ireland and Thailand. Almería is breaking boundaries in Astronomy. This time, 114 works have been submitted. The judges found it difficult to choose the winners, given the high quality of photographies, videos and drawings.



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March 7th 2019

Result from a scientific outreach activity, developed with the Universidad de Sevilla through the Group of Interdisciplinary Physics, based in the Higher Technical School of Engineering, that consists in the generation and edition of a set of videos that allows us to appreciate the true three-dimensional disposition of the sets of stars that we call constellations. As seen from the Earth, they seem to be drawn on the celestial dome and evoke figures of animals or imaginary beings. However, the stars that compose them are not small bright spots, but gigantic bodies emitting large amounts of energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Located at enormous distances from each other, the stars form groups that can only be understood correctly if they are seen in 3D.

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Summer 2018: Moon eclipse and meteor shower from Calar Alto


August 7th 2018

After the total lunar eclipse of July 27th and Mars opposition on July 31st, this summer 2018 brings another spectacular phenomenon visible to the naked eye, easily observable from Calar Alto, and surroundings, by mid-August: the Perseid meteor shower.

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Calar Alto Astronomical Center, CSIC and University of Seville sign an action protocol to promote educational and scientific-technological activities in the field of astronomy.

us caha csic

May 31st 2018

Calar Alto Observatory, CSIC and University of Seville sign an action protocol to promote educational and scientific-technological activities in the field of astronomy.

With this protocol, University of Seville, CSIC (through the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía) and Calar Alto Astronomical Center agree developing a joint plan of academic, scientific, technical and social activities, as a reflection of their commitment with the outreach and the progress of the Astronomy in the university and social sphere.

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