E-MARCOT AIMS for a 3 year program to complete the in-depth preliminary design.


The full MARCOT roadmap proposes five major milestones:

  1. Multi Mode Fiber –Photonic Lantern (MMF-PL) development. We propose the development and optimization of MMF-PL, the characterization of MMF-PL in the lab.
  2. MARCOT-Pathfinder prototype validation, on-sky testing with the MMF-PL.
  3. Conceptual Design Study, including realistic cost estimates, as the blue-print for a first operational MARCOT implementation with a light collecting area equivalent to a monolithic 5m telescope. The modular concept of a large number of affordable telescope units has the benefits of low risk, scalability, and replicability.
  4. MARCOT module implementation of 5m.
  5. Full MARCOT of effective aperture 15m realization.

Milestones (1) through (3) are the expected deliverables from project submission to the Call HORIZON-INFRA-2022-DEV-01-01 (E-MARCOT DS project), (4) and (5) the envisaged future developments. 

Project management and wokpackage leaders can be found in the Chart below:

 Organization chart



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