Information for Visiting Astronomers


Welcome to Calar Alto



In this brief introduction, you'll find a quick information on how to connect your laptop to our network and start using it within Calar Alto Network. There is also some information about Calar Alto resources.




1. Dhcp

2. Proxy

3. Network resources

4. Electronic mail

5. Problems, suggestions or doubt




1. Dhcp




Calar Alto has a DHCP Server. So, if you want to integrate your laptop on our network, only plug it into any TP connector THAT HAS NO RED LABEL, you'll find all around Calar Alto and configure it to accept dynamic addressing.

If your laptop has wireless connection, you can use it at the Hotel hall and at the laboratory.

Please, see this document for a DHCP detailed explanation.




2. Proxy

Calar Alto Network has Proxy for external http/https/ftp connections. Set it up on your personal computer with next parameters:


http / https / ftp   Proxy


3. Network Resources

Several workstations, PCs and X-terminals are at the disposal of the guest observers.

Upon arrival a  username and  password for the SUN and Linux workstations is assigned to the Visiting Astronomer (VA)

Due to limitations of disk space it is necessary to establish some rules which the VA is asked to observe strictly.

- The login areas ( /home/username ) are for administrative use only, such as init files etc. Data files will be deleted without previous annoucement.
- For data handling a directory has to be created on one of the disks named disk-? (? stands for a letter, normally a, b, c or, d) The system command df -k displays free disk space. The directory must be of the form


where username is the assigned one and observername is the name of one of the observers. Avoid abbreviations, fantasy names etc. Non-identified directories may be deleted at any time!
- The account will be hold until departure of the VA. It should be left clean before leaving. It is the sole responsibility of the observer to save the data.

- Never modify the account password you are given.


There are some software utilities at your disposal.

Here, you can see the available printers


If you are interested, you can read here a  detailed description of Calar Alto Computer System

4. Electronic Mail

E-mail addresses depend of the assigned account. They have the form:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (xx=1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, etc.)

The VA should remove his/her  e-mails before leaving.

More information on Calar Alto mail, here and also here


5. Problems, suggestions or doubts

Please, do not hesitate to contact Calar Alto Computer Department on the next locations: